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Annet Libeau Discusses the World’s 5 Best Places to Scuba Dive

Avid diver Annet Libeau recently discussed the world’s five best places to scuba dive.

Scuba diving is an addictive sport. Divers will venture to the far reaches of the earth to access a famed diving locale. Avid diver Annet Libeau recently discussed her top five favorite places in the world to scuba dive.

Annet LIbeau explained that Belize has long been known as a popular dive destination. The Blue Hole is the country’s most famous dive spot, and nearly every avid diver has heard of it. This unique dive destination is a large marine sinkhole that was first made famous by Jacques Cousteau. This massive sinkhole spans 300 meters in diameter and is 125 meters deep, creating an ideal destination for venturing below the water’s surface. Here, divers will find hammerheads, bull sharks, reef sharks, and more.

“Sipidan is lesser-known than the Blue Hole, but it’s teeming with sea life, including vibrant corals and some of the brightest fish I’ve ever seen,” Annet Libeau said.

Sipadan is located in Malaysia and is an absolute must-visit for divers venturing to Southeast Asia. It’s known as a haven for sea turtles, sharks, corals, dolphins, and all kinds of sea creatures. Annet Libeau suggests that divers also venture to Thailand while in Southeast Asia. Here, she explained that more than one dive spot should be visited because there is an abundance. Annet¬†Libeau suggested the Similan Islands, the Surin Islands, Ko Tao, and Phuket as places to explore when diving in Thailand.

Annet Libeau explained that some of the world’s best dive spots are located right here in the United States, especially in the state of Hawaii where reefs and wildlife are abundant. Annet Libeau added that Hawaii is one of the best places to spot sea turtles and whale sharks.

“No list of dive spots is complete without mentioning the Red Sea,” Annet Libeau said. “The water is so clear that it feels like you can see for miles underwater.”

Annet Libeau added that the water temperatures in the Egyptian Red Sea are comfortable year-round, making it a true paradise for divers. Even more, the Red Sea is home to iconic shipwrecks at Sha’ab Abu Nuhas. This incredible body of water, it’s picture-perfect coastline, and the unique culture of Egypt make a visit here an absolute must.

Annet Libeau concluded by stating that diving is a hobby that can take you around the world to fascinating destinations you probably wouldn’t see otherwise. That’s much of what makes the sport so special.

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