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Scuba Diving For Beginners: Annet Libeau Explains How To Get Started

Your Guide To Getting Your Feet Wet In The Scuba World With Annet Libeau

If you’re anything like CEO and travel enthusiast Annet Libeau, you’re constantly keeping an eye out for new and exciting ways to add some adventure to your life. Learning how to scuba dive can be an excellent way to open your travels to an underwater world. Here, Annet Libeau provides tips for those ready to dive in.

First, it’s important to ensure that you’re physically healthy enough to go through scuba training, says Annet Libeau. The vast majority of people can handle scuba training. Regulations require that scuba class participants are in good health, without lung conditions that may make it difficult to breathe underwater.

If you’ve been diagnosed with a lung condition, it’s important to talk to your doctor before signing up for scuba classes. Participants must be at least 12 years old – there is no upper age limit to learn how to scuba dive, according to Annet Libeau. 

Next, it’s time to decide what type of scuba diving course you’d like to sign up for. If you’re not sure whether scuba diving is something you’re going to pursue, Annet Libeau recommends checking out trial options at a scuba diving center in your area. Many scuba diving centers offer “try dives.” During these dives, participants try scuba diving in a pool, helping them to decide if they’d like to sign up for a full scuba course.

If you’re ready to get your scuba diving certification, you’ll need to sign up for an open water certification course. An open water scuba certification course allows you to earn your scuba certification for life, according to Annet Libeau. 

Before you start your scuba certification course, you’ll need to get your hands on some scuba gear, says Annet Libeau. If you’re working with a scuba certification business, it’s likely that they’ll have equipment for you to purchase or rent. You can also go through a separate retailer. Having a set of gear that you own can be exciting, according to Annet Libeau, and can allow you to scuba dive anywhere you please.

Learning how to scuba dive is a fun new adventure, and it’s important that you get your certification from a reputable company that can ensure your safety as you wander through your new adventures. Annet Libeau says that once you learn how to scuba dive, you’ll be amazed at the underwater world available for you to explore.

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